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Labour Insight™ - Data CaveatsVideo Tutorial: Limitations associated to Labour Market data collected online
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Higher Education onboarding resourcesResources for new users of Labor Insight
ANZSCO Recall Rate ChangesWhy does the recall rate change when moving between levels of the taxonomy?
Webinar - Labour Insight™ : Labour Insight 1013 PM NZST on Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Data DictionaryWhat data points are available within Labour Insight ANZ?
Webinar - Labour Insight™ (ANZ): Marketing in Higher Education4 PM NZST on Thursday, June 25, 2020
Webinar - Labour Insight™ (ANZ) for Program Alignment4 PM NZST on Thursday, May 21, 2020
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Labour Market Data for Career ServicesVideo Tutorial: Career Services (ANZ)
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - How are ANZSCO and BGTOCC Structured?What are ANZSCO Families? What are BGTOCC Families?
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC DifferencesHow do ANZSCO and BGTOCC differ?
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC ApplicationsWhen should I use ANZSCO? When should I use BGTOCCs? Which occupation taxonomy should I use?
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC TaxonomiesWhat is ANZSCO? What is BGTOCC?
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - How to View Job ListingsHow can I view the listings the data has been pulled from.
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Side by Side ReportsHow do I create comparison reports?
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Using Labour Insight for Program Development and AlignmentVideo Tutorial: Program Alignment & Development (ANZ)
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Time Series AnalysisVideo Tutorial: How to run a time series analysis
Labour Insight™ (SGP) - Higher Education onboarding resources
Labour Insight™ (SGP) - Education ClassificationWhat is SSEC?
Labour Insight™ (SGP) - Industry Classification in SingaporeHow is SSIC assigned to a company? Why does the official industry classification differ to what is assigned by Lightcast?
Labour Insight™ (SGP) - SSOC and BGTOCC TaxonomiesWhat is SSOC? What is BGTOCC?
Labour Insight™ (SGP) - Data DictionaryWhat data points are available within Labour Insight SGP?
Singapore Data Coverage and ComprehensivenessWhat is the quality of your Singapore skill data as compared to other geographies? How do you measure this?
Labour Insight™ (SGP) - Introduction to Labour Insight™ SingaporeVideo Tutorial: An introduction to Labour Insight Singapore (closed captioned)
Data - Real-Time Jobs Postings Market RepresentationHow representative is Labour Insight data? What are the advantages of analyzing the labor market through real-time data?
Labour Insight™ - Labour Insight for Higher EducationWhat are the common use cases within Higher Education?
Labor Insight™ - How to create a queryWhat is a query? How do I create a query?
Labour Insight™ - Snapshots Versus Create ReportsShould I be using Snapshots or Create Reports?
Labor Insight™ - Using AND Versus OR Search OptionsHow do I narrow my search? How do I widen my search?
Labor Insight™ - Using Quotation Marks within a QueryHow do I search for a specific phrase?
Labor Insight™ - Using Wildcards within a QueryDoes Boolean logic work in Labor Insight?
Labor Insight™ - Using the Keyword FilterHow do I run a Keyword search?
Labor Insight™ - Excluding Irrelevant Results.How can I remove irrelevant data from my analysis? How do I remove data?
Labor Insight™ - How to Print, Export, Save, and Share Reports
Labor Insight™ - How to Create a ReportVideo Tutorial: How to create a query and run a report within Labour Insight
Identifying skill trends within an occupationHow do I identify skills increasing or decreasing in demand?
Labor Insight™ - How to identify industry skill preferences
Labor Insight™ - How to identify localised skill preferences by occupation
Labor Insight™ - Identifying Salary Premium SkillsHow do I identify skills with a salary premium?
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Test Your KnowledgeTest your knowledge of Labour Insight ANZ