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Labour Insight™ - Snapshots Versus Create Reports
Labour Insight™ - Snapshots Versus Create Reports

Should I be using Snapshots or Create Reports?

Updated over a week ago

At first glance, the 'Snapshots' and 'Create Reports' tabs can yield similar results, but their purpose and functionality differ in several crucial ways.

'Snapshots' is Labour Insight’s ‘book jacket’, while 'Create Reports' provides the full story inside.

The Snapshots tab…

  • is great for quick overviews

  • can show information about a specific location, occupation, industry, employer, skill, job title, or education level

  • does not have interactive results or an option to view job postings

The Create Reports tab…

  • is great for in-depth research

  • offers dozens of customisable report/filter options to suit your research

  • has clickable results bars and access to original job postings, meaning you can instantly refine your search and dig down to the raw data

  • has the ability to view side-by-side comparison reports

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