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Labor Insight™ - How to identify industry skill preferences
Labor Insight™ - How to identify industry skill preferences
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How to compare skills by Industry

The skills required for an occupation can be influenced by the Industry of employment. How can we identify which skills are more commonly requested within certain industries?

  1. Define the Report Output by selecting the 'Skills' report

  2. Define the Occupation of interest

  3. Specify one Industry per report

  4. 'Apply'

In the report above, we can see in our defined occupation the demand for the skill "Teamwork / Collaboration" is 7.8% higher in the 'Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services' industry, than in the 'Financial and Insurance Services' industry.

Data points such as education level, salary, location, and employers can also have an impact on the skills required for an occupation. Using the steps above we can swap out the defined industries with another data point, or a combination of data points, to understand the nuance of an occupation.

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