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Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Side by Side Reports
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - Side by Side Reports

How do I create comparison reports?

Updated over a week ago

Labour Insight gives you the option to compare any two data sets on the same screen. This side-by-side reporting is especially useful for comparisons such as:

  • Location overviews (e.g. How do the top occupations differ between two cities?)

  • Salary premiums (e.g. How does the salary change depending on skills in demand?)

  • Skill set comparisons (e.g. How are the requirements different for web designers vs web developers?)

  • Skill demand changes over time (e.g. Is a skill climbing up the ranks or decreasing in popularity?)

To access side-by-side reports, run your first report as you usually would, then simply return to the main filter menu using the ‘Create/Edit Report' Tab at the top right. Once there, find the 'Duplicate & Edit' button to the left, selecting this will open a new tab.

Within the new tab you can manipulate the reports as needed. Ensuring you click 'Update' whenever changes have been made.

As an example, the report below shows the skills required in the 'BGTOCC: Software Developer / Engineer' in 2015 and 2019. This allows us to compare demand, and understand the changes in employer skill demand.

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