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Labor Insight™ - How to create a query
Labor Insight™ - How to create a query

What is a query? How do I create a query?

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What is a query?

A query is a request to retrieve data from a database. The data you retrieve can be manipulated by defining data points to focus on within the query.

Which data points can I use within a query?

See our Data Dictionaries for a full list of available data points.

Some data points are only available within the 'Create Reports' tab. The 'Snapshot' reports offer a high level view of the data and limits the complexity of your query.

To create more complex queries use the 'Create Reports' function to access all available data points.

How do I create a query?

All queries require a minimum of two parts. A 'Time period' and a 'Location'.

A basic query to review the data for an entire location in a set time period would look like:

We can focus a query by adding data points:

Each additional data point that is added to the query further refines the results:

You can create increasingly complex queries by using a combination of data points and search operators.

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