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Labor Insight™ - Identifying Salary Premium Skills
Labor Insight™ - Identifying Salary Premium Skills

How do I identify skills with a salary premium?

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Identifying skills associated with a Salary Premium via 'Create Reports'

  1. Create your base report and define an occupation (Example: BGTOCC 'Software Developer / Engineer')

  2. Select the report output 'Salary (Minimum Advertised)'.

  3. Within Report 1 add the data point (Example: 'Skill: Python') to the query.

  4. Within Report 2 exclude that same data point from the query.

  5. 'Update'

You can then interpret the results. From the above example, we can tell that in 2020 for the 'BGTOCC: Software Developer / Engineer' employers were advertising a salary 10k higher in listings that request 'Skill: Python' than in listings that do not mention the skill.

You can also use the 'Occupation Analysis' snapshot to identify Salary Premium Skills via the USA instance of Labour Insight.

Note: The recall rates for the Salary data point varies by industry and occupation. A small sample size may not allow for salary premiums or mean real-time salaries to be calculated.

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