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Labor Insight™ - Excluding Irrelevant Results.
Labor Insight™ - Excluding Irrelevant Results.

How can I remove irrelevant data from my analysis? How do I remove data?

Updated over a week ago

For precise research, it’s important to be able to narrow down your results and exclude superfluous or imprecise data from your analysis. The ‘Exclude’ button on many Labor Insight™ filters can help you do just that.

Say, for example, you are looking at the distribution of common job titles for nurses in different medical fields. You run a 'Top Titles' report on titles with the word "nurse" in them, which gives you a good overview - but you notice that the results include jobs for nurse educators, which you want to exclude.

To do this, you need to return to the main filter page by clicking on the 'Create/edit Report' button. Once there, you can simply type "educator" in the 'Job Title' text search field, and click 'Exclude' just below.

Once you update your report, this exclusion will be added to your query string. This excludes any posting with "educator" in the title from your results, meaning your results now look like this:

Tip: Please keep in mind that the job titles you see in Labor Insight (e.g. Registered Nurse (Surgical)) are cleaned-up versions of what is in the actual job postings (e.g. Surgical Reg Nurse urgently required in Melbourne). It’s worth to take this into account when you come across unexpected title results.

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