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Labor Insight™ - Using the Keyword Filter
Labor Insight™ - Using the Keyword Filter

How do I run a Keyword search?

Updated over a week ago

The keyword search in Labor Insight™ is a useful tool. However, as it is the only filter that doesn’t draw on Burning Glass’ intelligent language processing, it has limitations. Keyword searches sometimes return unintended results because this search function does not ‘understand’ context.

For example, a keyword search for “flexible hours” will return both postings asking prospective employees to work flexible hours suiting the employer, and postings that offer flexible hours as an employee benefit. Similarly, a keyword search for “childcare” will return postings asking for childcare experience as well as those who include childcare benefits as a perk.

Nevertheless, keywords can be handy in very specific research scenarios, especially when you are looking into a skill or phrase that only works in a particular context, such as “cloud computing” or “blockchain”.

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