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Global LMI overview
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Governmental data to help guide analysis

Lightcast Labor Market Information (LMI) refers to governmental data collected and collated by Lightcast. This data is presented to help customers make informed plans, choices, and analysis founded on governmentally sourced data points.

Global Labor Market Intelligence data is generally speaking the number of workers for a given global market per global occupation. For a lot of countries, very high level demographic data is also available.

Once the data is collected, it is often classified according to a standard classification system such as the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO). This allows for easier comparison and analysis of the data across different countries and regions.

Using LMI can be beneficial in many ways. Businesses can use LMI to inform their investment decisions and workforce planning, while job seekers can use it to identify job opportunities and plan their career paths. Governments and policymakers can use LMI to inform their workforce development policies and programs.

LMI is a vital source of information for understanding the labor market and making informed decisions. Governments globally collect and present LMI from various sources, and Lightcast makes it easy to understand the data.

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