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How to use Global Profile Analytics
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Welcome to Global Profiles Analytics!

What Type Of Information Can I Except?

Global Profile Analytics allows users to breakdown the supply of profiles by job title, skills, companies and more in a specific market.

Getting Started

Above is the input form for the profiles report. First, you can search for profiles by nation(s) or market(s).

Next up is entering a school or schools. This is useful if a customer like to recruit from certain institutions. Or you can leave this blank to consider all institutions.

Now you can enter a job title that you a searching for. As you type, you will see a dropdown list of suggested job titles. Select the title that best aligns for your search.

The next two is where you can enter the job occupation or search for Lightcast Global Occupations or pre-made groups that you have made.

If you have a list of companies that you like to benchmark against or you have partnerships with, you can enter them in the company input field.

And finally you can add any skills or qualifications to your search.

Below is an example of what a search may look like. Not every field needs to be filled.

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