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Company information is a critical factor in understand global labor markets. Our approach is to tag documents with a Lightcast id and name to map which companies are hiring and where workers are employed. We look for company information both on the page the document originated (job posting or social profiles) and in the text itself to identify company information.

In some labor marketplaces it is commonplace to 'hide' the employer information from public view. You would only know which company you are applying for after submitting some information in a screening process. For these geographies our recall for company tagging will be lower.

The normalized company information is one of the most useful tools to accurately classify and understand international labor data.



T-Systemelektroniker (m/w/d)

"Werden auch Sie ein ''Kundenbegeisterer'' und erleben Sie, warum die Call Center der Telekom echte Service Center sind! Wir sind die Stimme der Deutschen Telekom und beraten unsere Kunden am Telefon."


“Deutsche Telekom”

company: 93501333

company_name:“Deutsche Telekom"

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