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Profile Analytics Walkthrough
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The Profile Analytics report is a quick and easy way to explore worker profiles. By analyzing specific occupations, job titles, schools, skills, and more within online profiles, this report can give you an accurate picture of the worker supply in any region.

To start the report, first select your desired data points. These serve as a filter: the profiles that are analyzed within the report will match the data selected here. In the example shown below we will be searching for profiles in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan statistical area (MSA). We’re going to narrow our search by also selecting a school (the University of Washington), an occupation (Registered Nurse), and a program (Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration).

Once you’ve selected all the data points you’d like the report to use, click Run.Keep in mind that any of the following data points can be adjusted within the report by using the filters on the left-hand side.Inside the report, the first thing we are told is the number of profiles that match our filters. So in the Seattle area, there are over 1.6K profiles of registered nurses who attended the nursing program at UW.

As you can see from the map above, the matching profiles are mostly concentrated in Seattle itself, though some are spread out in smaller, nearby cities. At first glance, it looks like Tacoma and Everett have the next highest concentrations. We can check this by using the Top Cities list just below the map.Top CitiesOf the 1.6K profiles, almost 72% list Seattle, while a combined 6% list Tacoma and Everett. To see additional cities, click the green More button at the bottom of the table.

Explore Profiles

Next, the Profile Analytics report allows you to dive into real profiles that individuals have created on social and professional networking sites. Click on any of the 5 profiles listed here on the report, or click Jump to Profiles List to see more. Here we can see the profile of a graduate nurse at Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Inc. Her profile includes a job description, email address, education, and a list of skills.

Top Companies

This section shows us the top companies listed in our matching profiles. Swedish Health Services appears in 187 profiles, and Seattle Children’s Hospital appears in 118.

Top Job Titles

Registered Nurse is by far the most frequently listed job title in these profiles, at 37.8%. The next top job titles are Community Health Nurse and Staff Nurse, at 2.5% and 2.2% respectively.

Top Schools

Though we selected the University of Washington as our data point for schools, some profiles list more than one place of education (for example, if someone attended community college and then transferred to UW, or perhaps went on to graduate school at a different institution). Below we can see that Seattle University and Shoreline Community College are both listed on over 100 profiles, Bellevue is listed on 99 profiles, and Everett is listed on 76 profiles.

Top Skills and Qualifications

Finally, this section allows us to see the kinds of skills that are listed in profiles that match our data points. Understandably, Nursing is the top skill, but it actually doesn’t show up in 100% of these profiles (likely because it’s in the job title). Basic Life Support is found in just over 50% of profiles, and Patient Safety, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) are all found in over 25%.

If you have any questions about Profile Analytics, please contact our customer service team by using the Submit a Question feature on the right side of the page.

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