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UK Education Pipeline
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The Education Pipeline Report reverses the search process, so if there is a job that you are interested in exploring, you can identify relevant course areas to explore in the other reports.

Occupational Courses

A table of courses that have at least been partially mapped to the selected occupation(s) ranked by the number of HESA Qualifiers, broken down by year.

Exploration of data or qualitative sources may indicate an unmet labour market need in a particular occupation. This report allows you to see how that occupation might be connected to course areas and establish if there is significant new talent supply.

If the most course areas that appear most relevant to the selected occupation(s) do not show high numbers of qualifiers, that could indicate an opportunity for education providers to better supply that occupation with new talent. This does not mean that there is necessarily student demand for that course area, but if that labour market need is communicated to the target student market, demand may be encouraged.

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