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Feature Releases

This section contains release notes for each new features introduced into the Analyst or Further Education Analyst platform.

New Advertised Salary Filter

June 12, 2023

Users now have the ability to get more granular job postings results with the new advertised salary filter, available in the left side bar of all job posting reports.

The default option is to include all job postings in your results, but now you can limit your results to only those job postings with salary observations. Then you’ll be given the additional option to narrow your results by an annual or hourly range.

For more details on how we calculate advertised salary in job postings, see our job postings methodology article here.

Location Quotient Renamed to Concentration

June 2, 2023

A Location Quotient (LQ) is a way to quantify how concentrated a characteristic of a particular region is compared to the nation. It is a powerful datapoint, but its name has often been an educational barrier that prevents many users from quickly understanding its value. That's why we're bringing clarity to the matter by removing the name "Location Quotient" altogether and renaming it to be more descriptive of the regional characteristic it's calculating.

  • Employment Concentration

  • Demographic Concentration

  • Profile Concentration

  • Posting Concentration

You can access these datapoints in a number of table, map, and comparison reports. If you'd like to learn more about the subject, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Suggested Similar Occupations

March 31, 2023

Now when you enter an occupation into a search input, Lightcast will suggest similar occupations for you to add to your search!

Occupations are considered similar to one another using a model that intakes job postings data over the past quarter and analyses the overlapping skills between occupations.

Because the analysis is done at the skill level, similarity is only available at lower occupation levels: Occupations (LOT) and Specialised Occupations (LOT). The similar occupation results are based on the first occupation in your search input, not the subsequent occupations.

Not only can this help you choose the right occupation, it also can help you find a more wholistic picture of the labor market. A person’s set of skills can usually be applied in more than one occupation. And so, including occupations with similar skill sets in your search can help you gain more insight on the potential supply or hidden demand.

Latest Version of Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy

April 14, 2023

The latest version of Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy (LOT) which introduces the more Occupation and Specialised Occupation levels to the Job Postings Reports is is now live in UK Analyst and FE Analyst.

Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy is:

  • More granular - than government taxonomies while maintaining a level of aggregation that allows robust analysis.*

  • More specific - the Specialised Occupations identify roles that are the same, across employers and geographies, regardless of job title

  • Global - with a single taxonomy applied globally to job postings

  • Responsive - updated annually which is infrequent enough to make it stable and useful for comparisons over time, but frequent enough to capture new, emerging roles as they formalise in the economy.

Where to find the latest version of LOT?

You can select LOT instead of SOC on the report input pages in any of the Job Postings reports and click on browse to view the various levels.

Please click here to read more about Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy

Export up to 500 Job Postings

March 21, 2023

You can now export up to 500 job postings in a single export from the Job Postings List Report

Browse Skill Sub-Categories & Skill Categories

March 21, 2023

You can now browse through the skills sub-categories and skills categories in UK Job Postings Reports

Industry Filter for Job Postings

December 21, 2022

You can now filter the Job Postings by Industries at 1 & 2 digit levels. You can also view the Top Industries in JPA and Report Builder. In the Job Postings Table, you can click on the Industry Tab to deep dive into the postings data for each industry.

Selection of 4 UK Countries in JPA

November 7, 2022

We have made it possible to run a report with the 4 UK Countries selected in Job Postings Analytics

Education Levels in Job Postings Reports

October 27, 2022

Education Levels added to the "Education & Minimum Experience Level" packet above the "Who's Hiring Packet" in Job Postings Analytics and the "Education" tab in the Report Builder Trends Packet

The "Education Level" filter (above the Contract Type filter) added to all Job Postings reports.

Higher Education Overview Report

October 7, 2022

New report added to the Higher Education Module in Analyst to help users understand the labour market demand for subject areas at a graduate level in a specific region

Hard to Fill Jobs

August 22, 2022

Available in Job Postings Table and Report Builder, it uses a combination of metrics such as Median Posting Duration, Unique Postings and Advertised Salary to give an idea of how difficult it is to fill the selected jobs

Tab Through Taxonomies in JPA

August 26, 2022

We have made it easier for you to quickly browse through what you have searched for in JPA by either SOC or LOT and the different levels within them when viewing the top posted occupations packet.

Preset Time Frames

August 22, 2022

Preset time frames allow users to search by specific timeframes or time periods which are shorter than a month for such as last 7 days and last 14 days

Median Posting Duration

August 22, 2022

Median posting duration has been made available several of our job posting reports.

Best used as a relative measure of time to fill, users can use the new datapoint to compare occupations, regions, and skill sets in order to find which jobs typically take longer to fill than others.

Duration is based on a curated subset of job postings that does not include long standing or “evergreen” job postings. As a result, the actual time to fill for a posting may be higher than the listed median posting duration.

Contract Type Filters

July 7, 2022

We have added Contract Type Filters to the Job Postings Reports in Analyst and FE Analyst. Users will able to select the contract type filters from the panel on the left in any Job Postings report

Global Occupations Taxonomy

May 21, 2022

We have launched our Global Occupations Taxonomy (GOT) in Analyst and FE Analyst in all job posting reports and tables.

GOT is built upon the foundation of Burning Glass Occupations, which parity for Labour Insight users who were accustomed to this functionality.

Report Builder

April 21, 2022

We have launched Report Builder, found under the Job Postings Module. This allows the user to create customised composition of the dimensions they want to include in their report. Report builder also brings parity for Labour Insight users who were accustomed to this functionality.


An upgrade to FE Analyst accounts. The Curriculum Overview Table now has Full Time Learner Equivalent (FTLE) data from the Department for Education.

Expert Analytics

November 5, 2021

An upgrade to FE Analyst accounts will avail of an Expert Analytics column which includes the Industry Table, Occupations Table, and Inverse Staffing Pattern. This consolidates use for relevant users between FE Analyst and the full Analyst platform.

Apprenticeship Filter

October 5, 2021

A filter to Add/Exclude Apprenticeships has been added to Curriculum Overview in Further Education Analyst.

Saved Folders

August 21, 2021

You now have the ability to create folders for your saved reports, and to share the folders to your org. In addition, the functionality to send email alerts on updates to the saved reports (at user’s specified time frame) has been created. These email alerts can go to any email address specified, not just the user account email.

Hot and Cold Skills

August 23, 2021

Hot and Cold Skills Feature added under Job Postings Analytics.

New Template Groups in Job Titles and Skills

August 6, 2021

New Template Groups in Job Titles and Skills including Green Skills and Green Job Titles.

Software Releases

Software releases occur fortnightly on Fridays. Below are all bugs, new features, and refactors in each release.

16 Dec 2022

Industry input and filter in all Job Postings Reports Top Industries Packet in JPA & Report Builder Industries Tab in Job Postings Table 1 & 2-digit level only

7 Nov 2022

Bug fix to make it possible to run a report with the 4 UK Countries selected in Job Postings Analytics

27 Oct 2022

UK Education Levels packets are now live in Job Postings Analytics, Report Builder and Education Level filter added to job postings reports and updates to Solent and Enterprise M3 LEP groups in Analyst

7 Oct 2022

Improvements to Higher Education Overview Time frame filter and UK Datarun 2022.2 made live

9 Sep 2022

Updated UK Profiles and release of new UK Higher Education Overview report

26 Aug 2022

Export to PDF Function for Course Design Report in FE Analyst and Tab Through Taxonomies in JPA Top Posted Occupations Packet

12 Aug 2022

Bug fix to cluster explorer chart

20 May 2022

Global Occupations Taxonomy was added to all job postings tables and reports.

6 May 2022

Add Skills Categories to all Job Postings Packets

8 April 2022

Add FTLE to Curriculum Overview

25 March 2022

Added Multi-year filtering for Curriculum Overview

11 March 2022

Add FTLE to Curriculum Overview

25 February 2022

Ship Integrated UK JPA Feed

11 February 2022

Allow Pagination & More Postings in UK Job Postings List

Reorganize Columns in FE Curriculum Overview

28 January 2022

Make Apprenticeships a Column in FE Curriculum Overview

14 January 2022

(temporarily) remove columns for Variance and %Variance

Set UK default state in new Posting Type JPA filter to Active

UK 2021.2 AIMS data update

31 December 2021

Change Advanced Program Selection box filters (Curriculum Overview FE Analyst)

Curriculum Overview/ FE Analyst: Timeframe filter label change & remove hyper links in description

Curriculum Overview/FE Analyst: Limit AIMS and SSA3 until selection

Replace JACS mappings in all template occupation groups that are based on JACS for UK

19 November 2021

All C6 programs are missing in the Employability Outlook report (Higher Education module)

5 November 2021

FE Analyst Expert Analytics Module

Make same Claimant Count graph change done in FE Analyst Economy Overview to full Analyst - UK Only

22 October 2021

Knowledge Base link changed from old Knowledge Base destination to new site.

Indicate the time frame used for Growth tab Largest Industries graph FE Analyst and UK Analyst.

Change title in Course Design and move subtitle indicator under title.

8 October 2021

Remove toggles on SIC levels and only display SIC 2 on Inverse Staffing Pattern, Course Design, FE Analyst


Change Claimant Count graph from vertical bar chart to line chart like that used in Response Tracker.

24 September 2021

Fix some unintended side effects from updated JPA Skills Packet.

JPA Skills Packet redesign causes inability to use keyword search in UK Analyst.

Enable functionality to add template groups to Regions

10 September 2021

Indicate time frame represented in In-Demand Skills graph - Economy Overview for FE Analyst and UK Analyst.

Spell out Location Quotient on all relevant areas with Economy Overview in FE Analyst and UK Analyst.

Remove Industry Characteristics Table in Economy Overview for FE Analyst only.

Move time frame filter towards top on JPA (Job and Skills Demand)

27 August 2021

Fix bug in Industry Overview to display Purchases From field data in Industry Requirements Table.

13 August 2021

DofE data not working in Curriculum Overview.

Add Jump to JPA, Job Postings Table, and Job Postings by Location from JT & Skills Template Groups when selected.

30 July 2021

Enable functionality to add template groups to Job Titles and Skills.

Change timeframe in New Curriculum Overview to end 2030.

16 July 2021

Remove second Target Occupations snapshot repeated in FE Course Design Report.

2 July 2021

Fix math errors in Curriculum Overview.

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