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How to Use the New Staffing Lead Generation Report
How to Use the New Staffing Lead Generation Report
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Our new Staffing Lead Generation report is built specifically for staffing companies! You can use this report to find businesses that are posting new job openings, and then use those postings to generate leads. Read on for a detailed walkthrough of the report, and/or watch the video at the bottom of the page. The Mission: Find companies and businesses who are actively looking for talent.What you need: Data collected from millions of job postings created by employers trying to attract applicants.START: Click on Staffing Lead Generation:

NEXT: Enter Search Criteria. (We recommend starting by choosing an occupation sector* and a region - county or city, whichever is most relevant to you). While there are many other search criteria fields available under “advanced options” (i.e. occupation, skills, education, etc.), we recommend starting at a high level to learn what the job posting landscape looks like in your specific territory. Remember, all search criteria fields will be available to adjust anywhere you’re browsing in the reports.*Occupation Sectors are groups of occupations defined by SOC code.Using your lenses: This report will allow you to get a quick handle on activity and change in unique job postings over the last 14-days. You can view the past 14 days in different ways by toggling between “Total, Growth, and Decline.” Total will show you totals, growth will show you job postings with greatest increases from the previous 14 day period, and decline will show you job postings with the greatest decreases compared to the previous 14 day period.FILTER TIP: to find out which non-staffing companies are competing, select “Non-Staffing Companies” under “Company Type” (left side bar when specifying criteria of your search) to display only non-staffing companies (your potential clients).

DIVE IN: After you’ve selected a lens, you can view:

  • Top Companies: Companies with the most job postings over the last 14 days.

  • Top Job Titles: Top posted job titles over the last 14 days.

  • Top Occupations: Top occupations over the last 14 days.

These lists will show you what jobs companies are hiring for in your region within the past two weeks. If something stands out to you, you can dive into detail by clicking on any of the companies, job titles, or occupations.This will bring you to:The Staffing Leads Table This will show you additional data regarding your Company, Job Title, or Occupation (depending on what you selected in the Lead Generation Report) including:

  • Date posted

  • Company that posted

  • Standardized job title vs. company title

  • Skills

NEXT: Click on a specific title and see the details of the posting with added information from Lightcast, such as hires per posting, number of competing companies, and compensation intel.

Clicking on a title will bring you to the full text job posting...

... and an overview of that job in your market. This information comes from other reports in Lightcast and can help set the stage for filling this role:

PRESENTING TO YOUR CLIENT Once you are ready to engage with your potential client and demonstrate how you can help them with a robust recruiting strategy, you’ll have the data with you in an easy to consume format for your client. We recommend sharing the data with your client in PDF format, which you can customize to include only data that’s most relevant to your meeting. In any section of the report, you can download the image (add to a PowerPoint) or hide that section for your export to PDF. Just click on the “three dots” to get started. Then, export and have a great meeting!

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