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New Interface & Global Experience for Talent & Staffing Users in 2024
New Interface & Global Experience for Talent & Staffing Users in 2024
Updated over a week ago

Feb 5, 2024 – Lightcast is happy to announce a new design for our Analyst application, bringing our talent and staffing customers a more user-friendly experience with new global capabilities!

What is not changing?

Change can always be intimidating. So let me assure you of what's not changing: you will still have all of the same data, reports, saved reports, and saved groups that you currently access. Whether your regional dataset is in the US, UK, Canada, Global or any combination thereof, whatever you can access now will still be accessible to you later.

What is changing?

There are three particular changes to be aware of:

  1. User Interface: The most obvious change is the new interface! Users will notice the dark sidebar navigation, fresh report card layouts, and of course a new home page. The home page either has the most popular reports or your personal bookmarked reports, depending on whether or not you use bookmarks. All of the reports can be found in the "Reports" page located on the sidebar. You can also choose which regional dataset you wish to search, whether it's for specific datasets like the US, UK, or CAN, or it's for our international dataset in Global.

  2. Centralized Reports: Lightcast has multiple product offerings on the Analyst platform and many users toggle back and forth between these products to find the reports they need. We're making it easier and bringing everything into one unified Analyst product called "Talent Analyst".

    This means that whatever reports you have access to, whether in "Talent", "Staffing", "College", "Recruit", "Analyst", "Developer", or "Global", Lightcast is bringing all of the reports together and housing them in a single product offering. The module distinctions will still exist, but the reports themselves will all be located in one place with one interface, reducing the need to toggle back and forth.

    As we were reviewing the reports across all of the different products, we also used this opportunity to re-name some of the reports in order to create more consistency within the Lightcast ecosystem. Here are the reports that have new names:

    “Job Posting Competition” has been changed to “Job Posting Analytics”
    “Rank & Filter Occupations”has been changed to “Occupation Table”
    “Demographics” has been changed to “Demographic Snapshot”

    "Map Demographics" has been changed to "Demographics Map"
    “Map Job Postings” has been changed to “Job Posting Map”
    “Map Occupations” has been changed to “Occupation Map”

    "Map Industries" has been changed to "Industries Map"

    "Business Table" has been changed to "Company Table"

    "Business Map" has been changed to "Company Map

  3. Global Expansion: Global has huge upgrades! Now as its own regional data selector instead of a standalone product, Global now has four reports where users can search for labor market data with 3x the granularity using our proprietary Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy (LOT). This taxonomy has over 1,900+ categories of labor, as opposed to the 33 categories that were previously available in Global. Beginning with 20 countries to start and 30 more countries to be added throughout the year, Lightcast Talent Analyst now empowers global customers with granular workforce data. Check out all the countries that are available in Available Countries in Global.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

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