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How to Create a New Group Based on a Template Group
How to Create a New Group Based on a Template Group
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Every Analyst account comes with a number of pre-loaded industry and occupation groups, found in the Template Groups tab of the Groups menu. Some examples include STEM occupations, and a number of industry clusters developed by Purdue University. These clusters are great starting points and in many cases can be used off the shelf for regional analysis. But you may want to add to or subtract from a group to make it just right for your particular region or project. Here's how to do that:

  1. In the header bar, click the Groups menu

  2. Select Industry Groups

  3. Select Template Groups

  4. Select the group you'd like to start with (we'll do the Purdue: Advanced Materials cluster here)

  5. Click the top check box of the list of industries to select them all

  6. Click Jump To > Industry Table

  7. Near the top right corner of the setup box, click Browse

  8. Here you can remove or add new industries to the original template list. When finished, click Select

  9. Add a region to your selection and click Run

You now have an industry table with the pre-loaded industry cluster, minus any industries you removed and with any industries you added.

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