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How to Update User-Defined Groups
How to Update User-Defined Groups
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Users can create and save groups of industries, occupations, geographical regions, programs, and institutions. With occasional classification changes to various taxonomies (such as an update from NAICS 2012 to NAICS 2017), these groups sometimes need to be adjusted to work with the new classification.

While groups containing outdated codes can still be selected and used to run reports in the Analyst platform, if outdated selections are not updated, the reports will only return data for the up-to-date selections in the group. In other words, if a user's group has three SOC codes, one of which is outdated, selecting that group without updating the older SOC code will result in only the two unchanged codes being used in any report the user generates.

Note: Groups work similarly for the US, UK, and Canada. For taxonomies which work across all nations - such as the Lightcast Occupation Taxonomy - the same group will work in any nation's data.

Identifying Outdated Groups

Out of date groups are flagged in Analyst, both in the tables listing a user's available groups and in individual reports where a user might be asked to add industries or occupations.

Here are examples of notifications a user will see, indicating that there are outdated groups:

  1. The user's Industry Groups stored in the top menu:

    Selecting Industry Groups shows a list of user-created groups. Outdated groups are highlighted.

  2. Groups listed using the Advanced Selection section of certain reports:

  3. Groups returned by using the header search function:

How Do I Update My Outdated Groups?

To update a group, locate it in the appropriate groups table and select it. The group detail page will load and will identify which codes are incompatible with the currently selected datarun:

Clicking the green "Update" button will bring you to a new page with suggested industries or occupations for updating:

  • Select the codes you would like to substitute into your group.

  • Click "Save" to save the group with the same name but with the new codes.

For most use cases, this is best practice. For users who want to use the older form of the group to be compatible with an older datarun, click "Save as New Group" to produce a copy group with the same name and the new version appended to the name. In the Biosciences example above, the new group name would be "Bioscience (NAICS 2012)."

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