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Ask Lightcast Overview
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What is Ask Lightcast

Ask is Lightcast’s prototype generative AI to help you get the most out of all of the data and insight available within our Analyst products. Ask Lightcast has been trained to understand both Lightcast’s data and the reports available to you as a user, so that it can answer your labor market questions but also point you to the right places in Analyst to find out more.

How Ask Lightcast works

Ask Lightcast uses generative AI to be able to answer questions you ask, in the words you choose. Where you ask a specific question about the labor market, Ask Lightcast will seek to give you a specific answer, and to point you where in Analyst you can find out more.

Ask Lightcast uses Retrieval Augmented Generation, meaning that you can be certain that Ask's answers are based on Lightcast's comprehensive and curated data sets, rather than simply data found on the web.

Accessing Ask Lightcast

Ask Lightcast is available to beta customers with the Talent Analyst application, in the United States and Global geographies.

For access, contact your Account Manager.

What Ask Lightcast's beta version can do

For this initial version, we have trained Ask to answer questions around specific problems we know many customers want to solve using Lightcast:

  • Understanding global labor market demand

  • Creating job posting text

  • Identifying career pathways

  • Find the right report in Analyst

The Ask Lightcast model has been trained to respond to questions on these subjects utilizing Lightcast data.

In beta, Lightcast can’t predict how every possible question will be translated into a data query, and so for now it’s best to see results as “the AI model’s best attempt to answer your question with Lightcast data” rather than a quality assured view from Lightcast.

Beta status: we want your feedback

Ask Lightcast is a new application of new technology, and we are sharing it with customers so that we can test it and find out how we can improve it. For every question we ask you to give it the thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your evaluation of how well Ask has supplied an answer to your question - whether it understood the question, whether the data were right, or whether it sent you to the right place in Analyst.

Ask is being made available to you to benefit from it, and for Lightcast to learn and improve it, on a Beta status basis. For that reason, Ask will change in the future, and could even disappear in its current form, as we learn about how best to make use of its capabilities.

Privacy: assuring you about your questions

Just as we do with Analyst, we draw on the questions you send to Ask to help us improve the product and learn how we can develop it into new areas. Everything you share with Ask will be treated in accordance with Lightcast’s Privacy Policy.

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