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How Do I Cite Lightcast Data?
How Do I Cite Lightcast Data?
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LIGHTCAST DATA IS WIDELY USED BY RESEARCHERS, but how it is cited will depend on whether you are sourcing the data from one of our products, from a data pull conducted by Lightcast™ , or one of our research reports. We’ve tried to cover most of the possibilities in this guide. If your situation is not covered, please consider using a citation generator, like™ should be our preferred citation in almost all circumstances, even when the data involved dates back to one of our older brands.

  • For example, if a client uses Analyst or Developer to pull data going from 2016-2022, the citation should be Lightcast™ even though the data includes years before the brand or was collected before the merger of Lightcast and Lightcast Technologies.

  • A data series that covers a pre-merger, pre-brand period would also be branded Lightcast™ , because it would most likely be pulled from a current Lightcast™ product (ie, an analysis pulled from Analyst or Developer covering 2017-19 would be cited as Lightcast).

The exceptions would involve research reports published before the rebrand that have not been updated or rebranded. In these cases, use the company name branded on the report, but include a callback to Lightcast™ if it isn’t too clunky.For example: “According to Rural’s Rise, a research report from Lightcast (now Lightcast), salaries of jobs growing in rural areas are on average 20% higher than all jobs in those areas.”

Short Citations for presentations (informal):

Data:Source: Lightcast™ . 2022Source: Lightcast™ URL 2022.Products:Source: Lightcast™ Analyst 2022.

Footnote (informal):

Data:Source: Lightcast™, [URL], 2022.Source: Lightcast™, accessed [MMMM DD YYYY].

MLA Database Citation:

Lightcast™.(2022) [Data File]. URL. Retrieved MMMM DD, YYYY.

APA Database Citation:

Lightcast™.(2022). [Data file]. Retrieved from URL

Research reports

Where there is no named author, use the organizations:Lightcast (now Lightcast) (2022), "Rural’s Rise: Shifting Trends in Rural and Urban Job Postings" [URL]Where there are named authors:Repp, Drew; O’Kane, Layla; Nitschke, Julia; Taska, Bledi; “Rural’s Rise: Shifting Trends in Rural and Urban Job Postings,” (2022) Lightcast (now Lightcast) [URL]

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