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Taxes on Production and Imports (TPI)
Taxes on Production and Imports (TPI)
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Taxes on production and imports (TPI) consist of state and local taxes—primarily non-personal property taxes, licenses, and sales and gross receipts taxes—and Federal excise taxes on goods and services. Special assessments are also included.

To see the tax implications of adding or removing 50 manufacturing jobs in Denver, TPI will measure the change in local, state, and federal tax revenue through the increased or decreased industry sales, specifically general sales and property taxes. It’s important to note that this change in tax revenue corresponds to the ripple effects and cannot be tied to a particular timeframe.

TPI is one of the four components of Gross Regional Product (GRP). The other elements are earnings (or labor income), profits/property income, and subsidies.

Source: Lightcast’s model, incorporating data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

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