Lightcast Skills

Lightcast Skills is a comprehensive taxonomy skills collected from job postings, resumes, and online profiles.

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Lightcast defines a skill as any competency or attribute that an employer may use to distinguish one role from another, or similarly that a candidate may add to their resume to distinguish themselves from other candidates.

Lightcast Skills is a comprehensive taxonomy of over 32,000 such skills collected from hundreds of millions of job postings, resumes, and online profiles. The taxonomy is arranged into a hierarchy with many skills grouped into Categories and Subcategories. The Categories act as a way to logically group the skills in the library. They map roughly to Career Areas and enable easy viewing of related skills. The Subcategories provide a group of skills specific to performing a specific aspect of a job.

We include Common Skills (like communication or problem-solving), Specialized Skills (like Java or financial analysis), and Certifications and Licenses (like CompTIA Security+ or certified radiological nurse).

Skill Taxonomy Updates

Lightcast Skills are updated every two weeks. Updates are based on customer requests, internal research, and emerging skills from the market. New skills are added, old ones may be removed, and terminology is updated as necessary.

Feedback and skills suggestions are welcome Suggest it here. Suggestions will be assessed by the Lightcast team.

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