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US O*NET-SOC Occupation taxonomy (O*NET)

The national occupation taxonomy of the United States.

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The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) provides occupation data such as knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform in a role, as well as education and training requirements and alternate job titles. Lightcast incorporates this data throughout its tools in various ways.

Central to the project is the O*NET database, containing information which is categorized into the O*NET-SOC occupation taxonomy. The current version used by O*NET and Lightcast is the 2019 release, which incorporates the 2018 SOC. Essentially, the O*NET-SOC occupations add an extra level of granularity to the SOC taxonomical hierarchy.

The 2019 O*NET-SOC taxonomy includes 1,016 occupational titles, 923 of which represent O*NET data-level occupations. These are granular subdivisions of the 867 SOC codes, which are further grouped into 459 Broad Occupations, 98 Minor Groups and 23 Major Groups.

O*NET releases updates to its database twice a year, which Lightcast incorporates into our quarterly data runs as available. The O*NET-SOC occupation taxonomy updates do not follow a schedule, but Lightcast monitors O*NET for updates to the taxonomy as they become available.

Source: O*NET

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