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In Lightcast data, skills are competencies at specific tasks or familiarity with specific subjects and tools acquired through education or experience.

Specialized Skills: Skills that are primarily required within a subset of occupations or equip one to perform a specific task (e.g. “NumPy” or “Hotel Management”). Also known as technical skills or hard skills.

Common Skills: Skills that are prevalent across many different occupations and industries, including both personal attributes and learned skills. (e.g. “Communication” or “Microsoft Excel”). Also known as soft skills, human skills, and competencies.

Software Skills: Any software tool or programming component used to help with a job (e.g. Python, Workday, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, React.Js, Accounting Software, and 3D Modeling Software would all be considered “Software Skills”).

Certifications: Recognizable qualification standards assigned by industry or education bodies (e.g. “Cosmetology License” or “Certified Cytotechnologist”).

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