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How to Change the Datarun
How to Change the Datarun
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A datarun is the quarterly (US) or semiannual (UK and Canada) update to Lightcast data found in Analyst. In most cases, it's best to use the most recent datarun as it includes the most current datasets and sources available.

Note: Dataruns change public data (LMI), but have no impact on the data from postings or profiles. When dataruns introduce new government taxonomies, the postings and profiles (where available) follow.

Analyst automatically updates you to the newest datarun when it becomes available. However, if we release an update in the middle of a project you are working on, you may need to revert back to a previous datarun to maintain consistency. Here's how to do that:

1. Click on your name in the top right toolbar

2. Select the Nation of focus.

3. Click on the drop down menu for "Datarun" and select the version you'd like

Dataruns are not designed to be compared to one another as a measurement of change, since they use different versions of the source data. To view change in an industry or occupation over time, run the appropriate report and use the Timeframe option to view historical and projected figures.

Dataruns are nation-specific. The 2023.1 datarun in the United States is not aligned with the same in Canada or the UK, as all are based on the availability of government data.

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