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How to Use Projects
How to Use Projects
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Projects are designed to help you jump back into previous work by recreating your report and its parameters as closely as possible.

Creating Projects

  1. Run a report as you typically would, applying your filters and parameters.

  2. When finished adding your report parameters, click the Save Project button located next to the Export button.

  3. Name your project.

Accessing Projects

Access your project any time via the "My Projects" section of your Home page. When revisiting past projects, you can either update and replace the initial project by saving it with the same name, or save your changes under a new project by giving it a different name.

Sharing Projects

Sharing a project makes it viewable for all users in your organization. To share a project, simply click the Edit dropdown and select Share. To stop sharing a project, click the Edit dropdown and select Unshare. Please note that:

  • Only the user who created the project can save changes to that specific project; this includes changing the parameters within the report, renaming the project, sharing the project, or deleting the project.

  • Any changes made to a shared project by its original creator will be reflected to all users in the organization.

  • If you view another user's project, makes changes, and save them, those changes will be saved under a new project created by you, and the other user's project will remain unchanged.


Q: What exactly gets saved when creating a project?

A: The report you ran along with all of its parameters will be saved in your project. However, the report will always reflect the datarun you have selected in your settings; projects will not permanently use the datarun from when the report was created.

Q: What happens if the report that my project is based on changes?

A: As reports within Analyst are updated and improved, your projects will change as well to reflect the newest version of the reports—all while maintaining your saved filters as closely as possible. This is one reason it's a good idea to always review the parameters of your report when re-entering a project. In the event that Lightcast completely removes a report that your project is based on, you will no longer be able to access that project.

Q: Can I change the name of an existing project?

A: Yes. Click on the edit icon next to the report and select the Rename option, where you can then change the name of your report.

Q: Can I delete a project?

A: Yes. Click on the edit icon next to the report and select the Delete option, where you can then your report. However, once the report is deleted it will be gone for good.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of projects I can create?

A: No.

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