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When Does Lightcast Update IPEDS Completions Data?
When Does Lightcast Update IPEDS Completions Data?
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With the 2024.2 datarun, in May 2024, Lightcast will begin incorporating College Navigator Completions data. This will enable customers to view completions - distance, and on-campus.

Not included with this data will be updates to enrollments or demographics, which will remain tied to the annual Q4 datarun.

IPEDS releases completions data annually. While IPEDS does not have a release schedule or predictable release target, they generally release completions data sometime during the summer. Lightcast incorporates IPEDS' completions data into the next Lightcast datarun, typically the Q4 datarun published in September/early October.

Note: due to the survey nature of IPEDS data, completion data takes approximately a year to be finalized. For example:

  • 2021 Completions released in the 2022.4 datarun (Fall 2022)

  • 2022 Completions released in the 2023.4 datarun (Fall 2023)

  • 2023 Completions released in the 2024.2 datarun (May 2024)

More information, see IPEDS Release Cycle

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