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Researching Green Jobs
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Researching Green Jobs with Lightcast

Green Jobs

Lightcast Sectors for Green Jobs are built off of work done by Lightcast in collaboration with Working Nation to understand the breadth of green jobs across the country, and are intended to take a broad view of the green economy, ranging beyond green energy to include far more. The resulting Green Jobs Now reports, which cover 10 states and a national overview, are available publicly.

Within the Analyst platform (Analyst, Developer, Talent Analyst, etc.) green jobs have been split into three mutually exclusive categories, similar to the four within the report:

  1. Core Green jobs are jobs whose day to day tasks are focused on green issues, such as wind energy, and the like.. Primarily based on titles and occupations, these are jobs where the “primary responsibility is associated with the green economy.” These are the jobs that would immediately come to mind when you say “green jobs”. For example, job titles that include solar, wind, or environmental protection, etc.. In addition, “Core Green” captures green occupations including Solar Installer, Solar Engineer, Energy Engineer, Wind Turbine Technician, etc. as well as Lightcast Occupations such as Recycling coordinator; Carbon Reduction Engineer, Geothermal Energy Engineer, or Renewable Energy Coordinator, amongst others.

  2. Green Enabling jobs these are jobs within green firms and green industries, but the position might not work directly in green tech. For example, an accountant working at a solar firm would be tagged as “green enabling”. Some of the Green industries included are Solar Electric Power Generation; Wind Electric Power Generation; Administration of Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Programs, etc.. These roles work in service of the green economy, but their day to day responsibilities may not be necessarily green.

  3. Green Enabled are job postings requiring green skills. Green skills include things like energy conservation, energy efficiency, solar sales, solar energy, wind energy, wind turbines, recycling equipment, energy audits, clean energy, etc..

While the Green Jobs Now reports included "Potential Green" jobs, these are omitted from the product. "Potential Green" are essentially any role that does not currently include green skills but could in the future; for example, any Electrical Engineer could become green in the future with the addition of a few green skills to their toolkit.

Green Jobs: Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I use the Green Jobs filter beyond/ outside of job postings?

    • The Lightcast Green Jobs Sectors are only available for analysis within the job postings portion of the tool.

  • For Green Core, why do I occasionally see job titles that do not look green, for example "Policy Analyst”?

    • Seeing "non-green" titles is likely because the titles are tagged to an occupation that is green --> For example, some "Policy Analysts" are in the occupation "Water Resource Specialist", which is green.

  • Historic postings have been tagged, enabling a look at how the sectors have changed over the years.

  • Where are other green definitions?

    • In Groups (location at the top of the screen in Analyst); under “Occupation Groups” in the “Template Groups” section there are O*Net Green definitions. These are older, and more restrictive definitions.

If you want more information about green jobs reach out to your account manager or [email protected]

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