Global Worker Profile overview
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Relevant, cleaned and enriched global work-related social profiles

Lightcast Global's social profile data can provide solutions for a variety of geographic regions. Our data on social profiles includes information from over 164 countries for analysis.

Workers use various terminologies and descriptions to describe themselves. To address this, we employ our own cleaning, mapping, and taxonomies to standardize our social profile data across different countries and markets. This ensures that the data is uniform and coherent across various regions.

Profile data is self-reported data. This means anyone can put down whatever they think represents them in the best light possible for future employers. This explains an oversized sample for places like San Francisco or titles such as Chief Executive Officer.

Global worker profiles are categorized using the Global Occupations.

The social profile data is cleaned, deduplicated, and enriched with our taxonomies before being used. We update the data regularly by collecting, enriching, and deduplicating from premier sources like LinkedIn or Stackoverflow. Social profile data can offer insights into the global talent pool through our software tools:

From Global Talent Analyst with Profile Analytics:

And from the Lightcast Global Profile API.

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