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Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC Applications
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC Applications

When should I use ANZSCO? When should I use BGTOCCs? Which occupation taxonomy should I use?

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The use of ANZSCO is a central element in official labour market analysis, educational planning, immigration policy development, and a range of other government activities across Australia and New Zealand. Due to the official nature of the applications ANZSCO provides a traditional view of the labour market.

We recommend the use of ANZSCO when your analysis needs to align with government data sources, or when you are trying to see a more traditional view of the market.

BGTOCC’s primary use is to aide in the interpretation of labour market data. BGTOCC should be used when your analysis relates to current trends in local or international labour markets. This is due to the taxonomy being developed based on analysis of real time job listings, which has allowed for BGTOCC to more accurately reflect employer demand.

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