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Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC Differences
Labour Insight™ (ANZ) - ANZSCO and BGTOCC Differences

How do ANZSCO and BGTOCC differ?

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Certain occupations are present within ANZSCO, but not BGTOCC, and vice versa. Occupations that are not represented within BGTOCC that are represented by ANZSCO are overly niche or declining occupations. As an example, ANZSCO has defined over a dozen occupations relating to various, low-demand, agricultural roles with a high level of granularity. Where the BGTOCC taxonomy has consolidated them into the role, Farm Worker.

BGTOCC has also taken overly generalised ANZSCO occupations and has broken them down to a more relevant level of granularity. As an example the ANZSCO occupation ‘Accountant (General)’ has been segmented further to the BGTOCC occupation for ‘Accountant’, and ‘Financial Analyst'. Including high growth occupations, such as 'Financial Analyst', within the taxonomy provides a more comprehensive insight into the movements of the labour market by more accurately reflecting current employer demand.

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