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Expected Postings Count Change - Language, Canada
Expected Postings Count Change - Language, Canada
Updated over a week ago

What is changing?

Lightcast is improving its identification of language in Canadian postings data.

When will this change occur?

This change will go live on the 15th Dec 2023.

What will this change mean for me?

We are expecting the postings counts to change nationally as follows:





Jan-Oct 2023


We are expecting the trends to shift as follows by month nationally:

Why are you making this change?

It is important for Lightcast to be able to integrate both English and French Canadian postings with the data set. This better language identification is the first step to being able to introduce French Canadian data within our product sets which is on our 2024 roadmap.

What does this mean for my analysis?

  • Looking at the change from a ranking/distribution standpoint we see the same/similar rankings in occupations, skills, titles and all other data points as we did previously.

  • Users will expect to see some more pronounced variations in postings within provinces. For more details on provincial change please contact [email protected].

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