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Canada Postings Data - Addition of French language
Canada Postings Data - Addition of French language
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French Job Postings Added to Lightcast Products

What is changing?

Lightcast is introducing French Canadian postings data into Canada data products including:

  • Lightcast Snowflake Postings

  • Lightcast Data Feed Postings

  • Lightcast Job Postings API

  • Lightcast Web apps

Timeline: When will this change take place?

This change is planned for April 19 2024.

What are the benefits of this change?

Customers in Canada will be able to access French Canadian data.

In Analyst platform Job Postings reports, users will be able to select from two options:

  • All languages (default)

  • English only

In Career Coach, students will see posting counts increase to reflect French language postings; note, however, that live job postings will remain English only for the time being.

The Career Coach Jobs (CA) API will also reflect these changes.

What will this change mean for me?

Overall top line volumes of data will increase, especially in provinces with significant use of the French language.

What does this mean for my analysis?

Customers are able to include or exclude the data from their analysis by toggling to French Canadian language in web apps or by querying by language in data products.

What are the highlights of the data?

  • Lightcast French Canadian data dates back to July 2014.

  • In April 2022, Lightcast improved scraping methodology to ensure consistent capture of the French Canadian language postings.

  • The volume from April 2022 onwards is on average around 30,000 unique new deduplicated postings a month.

  • As part of this release Lightcast will be supporting all of our major coded postings data fields, we will keep working to improve the coding for these fields and we would welcome feedback via [email protected]

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