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Employment Projections (EP)
Employment Projections (EP)
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections program produces many datasets covering various facets of the labor force. the EP tables are updated annually. Lightcast uses several datasets from EP:

  1. Occupational Separations and Openings is used to provide replacement rates for use in Lightcast’s Openings calculation.

  2. Educational attainment for workers 25 years and older by occupation shows, by occupation, the percent educational breakout of the workforce for the occupation. Lightcast uses this data as-is in its Educational Attainment breakouts for individual occupations:

  3. The Education and training by occupation table shows the typical education level needed to enter an occupation, as well as the work experience and typical level of on-the-job-training required.

  4. The National Industry-Occupation Employment Matrix (NIOEM) is used to adjust Lightcast’s industry and staffing projections, and therefore informs Lightcast’s occupation projections as well. For more information on how Lightcast creates occupation data using industry employment and staffing patterns, see this article.

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