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Compensation Model
Compensation Model
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The Lightcast compensation model provides occupational wage data with skill and certification premiums. It combines percentile wage data provided from Lightcast’s LMI-based government data with observations culled from job postings.

The compensation model combines wage data from two distinct sources. The backbone for all Lightcast occupational wage data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) dataset. This set is updated annually, and provides percentile earnings data for occupations at the metro level throughout the United States. In cases where percentile earnings data are suppressed, Lightcast first unsuppresses the data.

Job postings are used to supplement OES data by providing wage observations that can be tied to skills and certifications (such granularity does not exist in the OES dataset). Job postings are scraped from online sources. For more about the process see this documentation on job postings. For more information about what is included in compensation, see this article.

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