HWOL Changelog

This page provides an overview of major changes made to the HWOL data and product delivery updates.

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Coming on October 20th

Lightcast will be updating the deduplication process. With this enhancement, Lightcast will re-run all the historical job postings data resulting in a shift in historical job count data. This will result in a nationwide decrease of of job ad volume of 2-4%. More information about the expected changes can be found here:

July 28, 2023: NAICS Update US 2023.3

With the 2023.3 update data run, Lightcast released an updated industry classification to the NAICS 2022 taxonomy. This does not change the total job count for a region or any reports related to occupation. This may impact reports run in Developer when analyzing industry.

June 9, 2023: HWOL Restatement Update

With the May 2023 update data run, the HWOL Publication Series was incorporated with a restatement from 2015 to the present. The restatement resulted from a Lightcast coding error within the new data sets definition of "active jobs". Although active job counts were impacted, "unique job" counts remained constant. The active jobs definition was also updated, as well as all HWOL data on Developer.

May 17, 2023: HWOL Developer Update

With the April 2023 update data run, Lightcast experienced a technical error with the deduplication of the new data. This resulted in an update to remove duplicate job postings in HWOL data. HWOL data files were not affected by the technical errors.

April 18, 2023: HWOL Enhancement/Revision Update

With the March 2023 HWOL Publication Series, the historical HWOL Data Series was revised to new and enhanced data. This revision included updating SOC 2010 to SOC 2021 occupation taxonomy, NAICS industry, and geography coding. The revised data files were also updated to a new SFTP file delivery, with data also updated to Developer. In addition to the new enhanced data, Lightcast increased cybersecurity for the data.

March 15, 2023: HWOL Data Outage

On March 15, 2023, Lightcast experienced a cybersecurity attack. The cyberattack impacted the processing center for the global job posting data. This resulted in all job posting data to be reprocessed and delivered via updated and secured data delivery systems. The US job posting data for HWOL in Developer was updated and set to run by April 18.

February 1, 2023: Migration of HWOL Data from Labor Insight to Developer

In February 2023, HWOL began the migration from Labor Insight to Developer to ensure a transition period.

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