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Remote Job Postings
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The titles and bodies of all job postings are scanned for language indicating that the position is remote, hybrid, or onsite. This includes looking for phrases such as “work from home”, “remote”, “position can be located anywhere”, “partially remote” and the like. Postings found to contain job location language are tagged as Remote, Hybrid, or Non-Remote. Postings that do not contain identifying language are tagged as Unknown. Remote postings also include positions that need to be located within a particular region but not in an office.

Most job boards and posting software require the poster to enter a physical location. Additionally, our remote tagging is separate to our location tagging, which extracts the main location from the posting. For instance, there are postings that are 100% remote, work from anywhere, but will also list a location on the posting so it will appear under location searches. There are also remote postings that are restrictive on what location the candidate can be in, either due to tax reasons, time zone reasons, or for required on-site visits.

A detailed description of Lightcast’s job postings methodology is available here.

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