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Advertised Salary (Job Posting Analytics)
Advertised Salary (Job Posting Analytics)
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Advertised Salary is found within the Job Posting Analytics and Job Posting Competition reports and is the salary information provided by the company or entity advertising the position. Job postings reports can be sliced by job title, company, region, and skills, meaning users can see advertised salary information for these specific slices of data.

To analyze actual earnings as reported via government sources, we recommend Lightcast’s occupational earnings or industry earnings.

If present, Lightcast extracts the salary information from the job posting as advertised. The percentage of postings containing salary information varies depending on the geography, occupation, industry, and job title.

Lightcast displays the count of postings that include salary data. This number will likely be much smaller than the number of postings returned in the report.

The count of postings displaying salary information is included to help the user understand how well the postings displaying salaries represent all postings in the user’s report.

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