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ISCO / ESCO - International / European Standard Classification of Occupations
ISCO / ESCO - International / European Standard Classification of Occupations

ISCO is an international taxonomy of occupations. ESCO is an EU specific extension of this taxonomy.

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ISCO Overview

The International standard classification of occupations, abbreviated as ISCO, is an international classification under the responsibility of the International Labor Organization (ILO) for organizing jobs into a clearly defined set of groups according to the tasks and duties undertaken in the job. ISCO is intended both for use in compiling statistics and for client-oriented uses such as the recruitment of workers through employment offices, the management of migration of workers between countries and the development of vocational training programs and guidance.


The hierarchy of the taxonomy is Major Group (1 digit) > Sub-major group (2 digit) > Minor group (3 digit) > Unit Group (4 digit).


European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) is a multilingual classification that identifies and categorizes occupations relevant for the EU labor market. It is an extension of the ISCO taxonomy and further subdivides the four-digit Unit Groups into five-digit occupation codes. At the four-digit level and above, ESCO and ISCO are identical.
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These taxonomies are available in Spotlight on the Analyst platform.

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