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The Report Builder allows you to build a custom view of job postings data, giving you the flexibility to determine what the report should focus on.

To access the report builder, click on the job postings module and select the report builder from the section for All Other Job Postings Reports.

Click on the + to enable options you want your report to focus on. A minimum selection of 1 report focus option is required in order to run a report in the report builder.

Each enabled option will display a green tick in front of it and will be shown as individual items in the list for inclusion in the report. The Summary (Job Postings Overview) is enabled by default and can be removed if not required after other options have been selected.

To disable any option, untick or click the x to remove it from the list. You can use the drag and drop function to reorder the items in the list if required.

Click Update Selection to confirm your report focus and scroll down to view the updated report.

The report filters in the panel on the left can be used to further focus the aspects of the entire report.

The report will refresh automatically when any selection is made from the panel on the left.

Some sections are organised with tabs as shown below which give a different view or provide further insight into the displayed chart or table:

  • The Unique Postings Trend gives a view of the last 5 Years, 12 Months, Last 30 Days or a Custom Time Frame if required.

You can Jump to the Job Postings Table from this chart to view more job postings data for the selected occupation(s).

  • The Occupation Trends are displayed in a Sankey Chart. The Job Titles, Companies, Skills or Experience can also be viewed by clicking on the relevant tab.

The Quarterly view is displayed by default, but the monthly or yearly option can be selected if required.

  • The Top Cities Posting are displayed in a table which can also be varied to display the locations Local Authority, County/Unitary Authority, Government Office Region by clicking on the relevant tab.

It is possible to click to view more detailed data from some of the charts such as the Specialized/Common Skills and Top Qualifications.

You can also jump to other reports from some of the packets such as the Unique Postings Trend which will let you jump to the Job Postings Table.

Finally, click on the "save" or "export" button at the top of the report builder page to save or export the report as shown below

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