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Local Sector Strength Finder Cluster Definitions
Local Sector Strength Finder Cluster Definitions
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The methodology behind Industry Clusters is explained here.

Local Cluster Definitions

Automotive Services – Retail sale and support of motor vehicles including maintenance and repair, wholesale and retail sale of parts and accessories and the retail sale of automotive fuel.

Building Services– Preparation, completion and finishing of building sites, including the provision of supporting skilled trades (including electrics, plastering, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, painting, flooring, wall covering, glazing and roofing), and the manufacturing and supply of equipment and materials.

Commercial Services– Various commercial services ranging from cleaning and facilities to event catering, security, photography, accounting, stationery and document preparation.

Education and childcare– School-age education (nursery, primary and secondary), child daycare and training for the workplace.

Food and beverage– Supply, selling and serving food and beverages, including pubs, restaurants and mobile food services, food and drink wholesale and retail, as well as local food production including bakeries.

Government– Administration of local and central government services.

Health and care– Activities delivering medical, dental and residential care to patients, including general practice and dispensing chemists.

Household goods and services– Retail and wholesale of a range of household goods including furniture, carpets, lighting, audio-visual, cosmetics, hardware, appliances and others, as well as services to the household such as gardening and shoe repair.

Local environmental services– A local cluster managing the collection and disposal of non- hazardous waste, including sorting, recycling and other treatment.

Local Transport– Transport services including urban and suburban bus and rail, taxis, car and van hire, and driving schools.

Personal services– Including social work, funerals, fitness facilities, hairdressing, travel agencies, postal deliveries, as well as membership organisations, churches and trade unions.

Property development– Purchase, development and sale of real estate, including new developments and removal services.

Retail– Retail services including shops for clothing, books and media, computers and accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.

Sport and leisure– Including cinemas, sports clubs, sports facilities, the sale of sporting equipment, and casinos and other gambling activities.

Tradable Cluster Definitions

Agricultural inputs and services– Production and wholesale of the range of crop and livestock farming, as well as supporting activities including the manufacture and supply of machinery and feeds, and veterinary services.

Air Transport– Transporting freight and passengers by air and space, including the renting and leasing of supporting equipment.

Appliances and personal goods– Manufacturing, wholesale and repair of electrical and electronic goods, including household appliances, computers, telephones, as well as heating and lighting, and a range of personal goods including sporting goods, kitchenware, toys, and watches and jewellery.

Business services– Administrative and other business services ranging from translation to debt collection, including conventions and trade shows, call centres, and business and professional membership organisations.

Civil engineering– Technical construction services, including those concerned with major transport and utility infrastructure, including architecture, engineering consultancy, demolition, sewerage and renting and leasing of supporting equipment.

Construction products and services– Manufacturing and preparation of construction materials including brick, plaster, concrete, fibres and mortars.

Creative– Covers a range of creative production activities, including those in motion picture, television and radio, but also the development and management of media content, advertising, design, and market research.

Digital– Including telecommunications, software, and computer services, including data processing and hosting, and the development and management of web portals.

Downstream chemical– Production and supply of finished chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, soaps, detergents, household and personal sanitary products, glues and explosives.

Downstream metal– Production and supply of finished metal products, including doors, windows, bearings, gears, packaging, cutlery, tools, locks, hinges, fastenings, coins, and bicycles.

Education and knowledge creation– Further and higher education, especially research and development across the social and natural sciences.

Extractives– Mining, quarrying and extraction of ores, aggregates and other natural resources (except oil and gas), including support and operational activities.

Financial and legal services– Financial, insurance, legal and supporting activities.

Fishing– Management of aquaculture, processing, preservation and wholesale of fish, crustaceans and moluscs.

Food and drink production– Processing, manufacture and preserving of food, drink and tobacco products, including the operation of dairies and distilleries, the productions of oils and fats, and the wholesale of some products.

Forestry– Management and use of forests, including the saw-milling and planing of wood.

Furniture and wood products– Manufacture, supply and repair of furniture and wood products, including kitchens, office furniture, parquet floors, and others.

Hazardous materials and waste– Specialist services for the management, processing and disposal of hazardous waste, including nuclear fuel.

Logistics and E-commerce– Collection, storage and distribution of goods by road and rail, including direct retail sale online or via mail, including the rental and leasing of trucks.

Maritime– Construction and use of ships and boats for sport and transport, including freight and passengers.

Metalworking technology– Manufacture and supply of tools and machines to form, treat and machine metals.

Oil and gas– Exploration and production of oil and natural gas, and the manufacture of refined petroleum products.

Parer and packaging – Manufacture of paper and packaging materials, and their use in packaging goods.

Passenger transport– Provision of passenger transport services by road, rail and inland water, and the repair and maintenance of transport equipment.

Plastics and vulcanised products– Production of plastics, rubbers, glass, ceramics and related products.

Precision technology– Manufacture, repair and supply of precision equipment including wires, fibre optics, optical equipment, musical instruments, medical instruments, as well as technical testing and analysis.

Printing and publishing– Creation and production of printed media including newspapers, books, journals, periodicals and directories.

Production technology– Production, supply and maintenance of machinery and equipment for use in production processes, including industrial equipment, material handling equipment, and power generation equipment.

Professional services– Professional management and supporting services, including corporate head offices, management consultancy, public relations and human resources services.

Textiles and Apparel– Manufacturing, preparation and supply of textiles, clothes, footwear, luggage, carpets and rugs.

Upstream chemical– Production and supply of primary chemicals, rubbers and gases.

Upstream metal– Production, supply and casting of metals in different forms, including precious metals.

Utility– Production, distribution and trading of gas, electricity and water, and the construction of electrical utility projects.

Vehicle and defence technology– Production of motor vehicles, railways, fighting vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and weapons and ammunition, and supporting parts.

Visitor economy– Management of various historic, artistic, cultural, and leisure facilities, including hotels, amusement parks, and performing arts venues.

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