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Occupation Snapshot
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The Occupation Snapshot Report, found in Developer, is an overview of the jobs, earnings, programs, demographics, and other related data concerning a specific occupation. To start the report, select a job title and a region, either by city, county, MSA, state, or nation. In this example, we will be looking at Shipping jobs in the Memphis MSA.

Note: The type of region you select will impact what data is available. To view the maximum amount of information, select a metropolitan statistical area (MSA.)

At the top of the report is a map of the area which highlights the intensity of Shipper jobs by county. Scroll over any one of these counties to see the exact number of specified jobs in 2019.We can see here that Shelby County, where Memphis is located, had the highest concentration in the region with almost 3.4K Shipping jobs. Following Shelby County is DeSoto County, which has 2,451 Shipping jobs.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides data about supply and demand. The graphs reflect the difference between regional data and national data.On the far left, we see there are over 6.6K jobs for Shippers in the Memphis area, meaning the demand for this kind of talent, while much lower than the supply, is still high for an area this size (shown far right). Employers looking to hire Shippers in Memphis could benefit from the low compensation rate--around $4,000 below the national rate.

Supply (Jobs)

The supply section of the report focuses on employment: average employment rates, types of job, commuters, and diversity.

As the summary above the graph (not pictured here) indicates, this dataset shows past, current, and projected information for the selected region. Here we can see that while national employment for Shippers has declined steadily over the last 20 years, growth in the Memphis MSA has remained well above the national average, with one major dip in employment beginning around 2012.The following chart shows the selected industry divided into sectors. In Memphis, 20% of Shipping jobs are located in the Warehousing and Storage sector, while around 7% are in Delivery Services.

Net Commuters

This map shows the number of commuting employees in the specified occupation for your selected region. By hovering your mouse over any one highlighted area, you can see the name of the county and the number of net commuters, either positive (more incoming commuters than outgoing) or negative (more outgoing commuters than incoming.)

Here we can see that Memphis (Shelby County) has both the highest number of Shippers arriving from other counties in one area, and the highest number of outgoing commuters in another. Olive Branch in DeSoto County is near the top as well, with 724 incoming commuters each day.Just below the map is a more detailed list of the counties which commuters leave (Where Talent Lives) and work (Where Talent Works) with employee population estimates on the right. To see a map specified to occupations by location, click on the green More Detail button underneath the list. Interestingly, Olive Branch sits at the top of both lists in this example, meaning that this specific zip code not only houses a large number of Shippers, but also retains them during the work week.

This breakdown of occupational supply shows regional data for gender, race, and senior employees, as compared to national averages. It is important to note, however, that this regional data is an estimation based on scaling down national data.

Demographic Details

The demographics of Memphis are divided here by age, race/ethnicity, gender, and educational attainment. From each category, we can see it broken down further by percent of jobs and number of jobs. Here, the highest percentage of jobs in the Shipping sector are occupied by workers ages 25-34. Understandably, only 0.4% of these jobs are filled by workers ages 14-18.

  • available at county, msa, state, nation

  • not available at city, zip, tract


Compensation data can help you analyze the pay for workers in a given occupation, both in your region and across the nation, and to compare those numbers to the regional cost of living. If you are looking to hire in this field, understanding median compensation data may give you a competitive advantage over other businesses.


The demand section of this report shows the employer need for an occupation in the region. In Memphis, there are almost 230 different employers looking to hire Shippers, and together they have posted over 800 unique postings over the past 12 months. Those postings were live for around 35 days before they were removed or replaced.

By scrolling over the graph above, you can see the number of active postings and estimated hires for each month. Below the graph is a table displaying the companies with the highest number of unique postings, as well as the most frequently posted job titles for this occupation. For example, Express posts the most for Shippers in Memphis, and the most common job title is Shipping and Receiving Clerks.

Graduate Pipeline

In this final section, we can see how programs in the region are supplementing the region with the talent it needs. There is only one program in Memphis that has produced qualified graduates. In 2018 there were no completions from this program, which might seem to be a problem given the 700 job openings that same year. However, since many Shipping occupations may not require a college degree, Memphis programs likely don’t need to focus more energy in this field.

We hope this guide provides you with the information you need to drive prosperity in your region! If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team by using the Submit a Question feature on the right hand side of this page.

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