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Canada Lightcast French Canadian Postings
Canada Lightcast French Canadian Postings
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Lightcast scrapes jobs from hundreds of sources of Canadian Jobs, yielding tens of thousands of new jobs each day in Canada. Job postings in Canada typically come in one of three varieties: (1) English only, (2) French only, and (3) English and French combined (though English and French combined has become less common in recent years). Lightcast collects all of these jobs, however, it has a limited ability to analyze French language only jobs, meaning they are currently excluded from the data. Particularly impacted by the French language only postings is within the Quebec market due to French being the current business language.

If you have a bilingual requirement for your research, please know that many sources in Canada, especially government jobs, provide postings in both English and French which means EMSI Lightcast is able to accurately analyze each of these jobs.

We are currently in the process of improving the technology used to analyze postings in French only and these postings will begin to be added to our data within a future release.

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